Can self help and personal development ever be a bad thing?

If you’re on a steady diet or Ziglar, Rohn, and Robbins you don’t want to miss this episode.

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If you’re looking for a radical way to differentiate yourself from the pack in life you can’t miss this episode.

In this episode we examine the practice of effective follow up with people in our lives. From co-workers, customers, friends, and others… if you master follow up you open up a entire new world of relationships, networks, and growth.

Learn how to untap this goldmine in this epside of The Better Guy Show.

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In this episode we talk about two of the most powerful words on the planet.

This is more than a simple Hallmark style advice trip about saying you’re sorry. We discuss how saying sorry faster helps us not only diffuse conflict but also how it helps us build charcahter and how to model leadership to our children.




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Want to be a better guy? Do what you say you’re going to do.

Seems obvious but how many times have you flaked out in your life? Said you were going to be somewhere and didn’t show up? Said you would do something and didn’t?

In this episode we talk about the power of keeping your word and how it will immediately differentiate you from the pack.

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Most people dread Mondays.

The dread starts for many on Sunday evenings. As we set the alarm for the next day we wonder where all the time went on the weekend.

While this may be true for most people there is a rare group of people that actually love mondays. They don’t cry TGIF, they shout thank goodness it’s Monday! In this episode we explore how they do it. How exactly do people fall in love with Mondays?


Today’s episode was inspired by this awesome TEDX Talk By Barrett Brooks.


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